The police told MPs on request, not penalize the citizens of St. Petersburg for the lack of masks on the street

St. Petersburg Police responded to the letter of group of deputies, who asked not to penalize citizens who went outside without a mask and gloves. The document published in sietech Boris Vishnevsky.

In the regional Department of the MIA of Russia noted that all is not easy, the police are in the legal field and hope for consciousness of citizens.

“the Activities of the St. Petersburg police carried out exclusively in a legal way and in accordance with the principles of observance and respect for the rights and freedoms of man and citizen, — the document says. — Of course, at the present time due to the current epidemiological situation we all are experiencing a difficult period associated with certain restrictions… Believe that responsible civil position of every citizen of St. Petersburg during this period will help our city to adequately resist the spread of infection.”

“St. Petersburg police responded to the collective appeal of the opposition deputies of the legislative Assembly, which urged not to detain and not to penalize those who go out into the street to walk without masks and gloves. The answer, as often happens, not on the merits. However, so far, to my knowledge, none of this is on the street not fined,” — wrote the MP.

“Very good by today’s response to oprichnina Ministry to the letter of the deputies from zemshchina”, — commented the letter of the interior Ministry, Deputy Maxim Reznik.

In an address to police members noted that the requirement to wear masks and gloves in the street — too hard measure. They stressed that long-term wear protection can lead to poor health.

This opinion was shared by doctors and athletes. They note that the mask for prolonged use ceases to perform the safety function. Moreover, it can cause harm to the body.

regarding the use of gloves the experts disagree.

Meanwhile Smolny sees no prerequisites dLa easing “antiviral” measures, including not going to open the city’s parks.

the police also earlier sought clarification on the decision on the introduction in St. Petersburg mandatory masono-glove mode.

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