The Prosecutor asked for the Pskov journalist Svetlana Prokopieva to 6 years in prison

the Prosecutor at the court in the case of the Pskov journalist Svetlana Prokopieva, accused of justifying terrorism, demanded to deprive of her freedom for six years and for 4 years for a ban to work in journalism. She’s being pursued because of the analytical material about the causes of the terrorist attack at the entrance to the building of the FSB Department in Arkhangelsk.

according to “Pskov province”, the prosecution representative stated that Prokop intentionally wanting to commit the alleged crime, has prepared an audio recording and made it on the radio and on the website of radio station “Echo of Moscow in Pskov.”

Protection of the journalist drew attention to the questionable validity of the applied to the case of psychological and linguistic expertise. In particular, the lawyer Tumas Misakyan said that examination of the Khakass professionals was issued on the forged letterhead of the Khakass University, as evidenced by the response from the University. “Does that expertise to trust after this?” — said the lawyer.

the Lawyer Vitaly Cherkasov said that the investigation and prosecution procedure pulled examination. The first two examinations had significant contradictions: after that, the Prosecutor’s office returned the case for further investigation in SU SK. After that the investigator refused the defense request to conduct the examination in the Federal state unitary enterprise at the Ministry of justice, found in Khakassia two citizens who made the examination on behalf of the Khakass state University.

the Lawyer Tatyana Martynova said that “no one has done to spread this article more than the police”. In addition, she recalled that the civic duty of a journalist is to raise important social topics.

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