The memories that will remain in the annals. The autobiography of Michelle Obama, Becoming ( Become , in French, published by éditions Fayard), is way out in the top of the best sales from Amazon, for 47 days. It equals the record held by the saga erotic 50 shades of Grey, CNN reported, based on a ranking established by the site.

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Translated in 31 languages, “Becoming” is published in France by Fayard. Fayard

Two months after its release, the book evokes the childhood, the career and the family life of the former first lady, earns the success. Released on 13 November, he recorded more than two million copies sold in just two weeks, the United States and Canada. According to Penguin Random House, its publishing house, Become was already the most widely sold book in addition to-Atlantic, in the year 2018.

Translated in 31 languages, he was enthroned, by the way, at the head of sales in the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, the netherlands, Spain and France, according to PRH, always according to the editor. “No book of political memories and personality are not hoisted as long as the head of sales,” said CNN. The book has reached the top spot on Amazon on the Friday before date of publication, and remained there nearly nine weeks.

Since 1995, the year Amazon began to develop the ranking of the best sales, only seven other titles have been such a triumph, among which the components of the saga Harry Potter , Da Vinci Code of Dan Brown (2005), or 50 shades of Grey , in 2012.