The scammers offer to citizens to buy tickets to a performance at the theatre, closed due to pandemic

After the “coronavirus” break returned to St. Petersburg theatrical fraud. Unknown offer the townspeople to buy tickets to a performance of Konstantin Bogomolov’s “Lear”. About it the correspondent told readers of “Rosbalt”.

the Distribution is carried out in social networks and Dating services. The scammers offer services through the site, masquerading as official. According to this resource, the performance plan in a day: 9, 11, 13, 15 June in the evening.

“my question to the virtual assistant on their website, and does not violate anything said up to 50 people can be”, — said the reader.

a Similar story was shared by the sociologist Roman Romanov in a personal Telegram channel.

“the Address is — Rubinstein 18. This is the address of MDT (but the site is not MDT). There is a suspicion that this is some kind of fraud. For a ticket please 4 thousand”, — wrote the man 6 Jun.

As noted in the MDT, the theatre still does not take the audience to the performances. The institution conducts an online event. Moreover, the “Lear” Bogomolov refers to the repertoire of the “Shelter comedian”.

Recall that theatre in St. Petersburg suspended work since mid-March. The restrictions associated with the new type of coronavirus.

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