The garment retroreflective him so well. Friday night, the comedian has not donned the yellow jacket, as he had done a few days earlier on the set of Key Not at My Post on C8. But, he took the time to discuss with a member of the movement that the strike in Besançon, due to his reversals of jackets in the face of the protesters, shows a video posted on Facebook. According to The Is a republican and Progress fifty of yellow vests were gathered in front of the show room Micropolis, where the show of the humorist began with a half-hour late.

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The video is filmed by a user of the social network that is said to be inhabitant of Besançon, and who has already filmed or photographed other actions of the “yellow vests” in the urban area of the capital of the Franche-Comté.

Franck Dubosc is behind a gate, within the walls of the concert hall, with his team, who want to visibly it to hurry up. The man who is filming asks Franck Dubosc if it is to financially assist members of this movement are sentenced to fines, “or organize with other artists for a prize”. The comedian replied that he was working on it. “The artists, I know a lot of artists, to say: that is what we can do? A show, as they have done with the Restos du cœur? There are plenty of actions to carry out. It is hard, it is not put in place a single shot”, he explains. “Believe me, I heard the prize pool. I don’t know if I’ll be able to up the prize pool with a single blow, because it is difficult,” he adds.

Turnaround jacket

Franck Dubosc had first at the end of November stated publicly on Facebook her support for the “yellow vests”. Then on 5 December, he had declared to a man who was filming then he gave him an autograph as “the yellow vests it is in the past”, explaining that they were “too hateful, too surly, to release”. Finally, five days later on the chain C8, it reaffirmed its support, advocating “a huge mistake”.

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Friday at Besançon, the comedian said he was not going to join the action on the ground. “Put a yellow jacket on a roundabout, this would discredit your movement. We would say: then what is it, Franck Dubosc, it puts a yellow jacket, and he has money”, he explained. But “really, really, it is there. It is difficult because it is not really our business policy. Me I’m a clown, I’m Patrick Chirac”, he launched.