The terrifying story of the patient about the corpses in front of the house led to the petition for the resignation of the Governor of Yaroslavl

the Network has a petition calling for the resignation of the head of the Yaroslavl region Dmitry Mironov. The authors of the appeal to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin believe that the Governor is in idle mode in a pandemic coronavirus.

Intiatory resignation spoke about the catastrophic situation of medicine in the region — hospitals are overcrowded and patients are referred to institutions not prepared to deal with cases COVID-19.

despite the fact that the area is already a week appears in the TOP 10 for number of infected with the coronavirus, “the people — first and foremost, doctors are unable to promptly obtain the results of tests kovid”. Doctors are not provided with masks and other means of individual protection “despite statements of the management field,” sounding the alarm, the creators of the treatment.

“the Governor Dmitry Mironov and the Chairman of the government Dmitry Stepanenko in fact withdrew from the leadership of the Yaroslavl region”, — emphasized in the petition.

Informed patient Yaroslavl Central district hospital (CDH), which was turned into coronavirus, told about the terrible conditions in which is being treated. According to the woman, “to me no one came, the pills did not bring”. Breakfast and lunch was delivered late, “there was a feeling that in the hospital we are alone”. A resident of the region said that “at the door of my chamber, five meters from my bed dozens of standing corpses”, which was removed only after verification. First, the patient is asked to remove the bodies of the dead said, “don’t worry, they won’t get up!”

As reported, Russia is among the top three countries most affected by the pandemic. The country has more than 344 thousand cases, over 3.5 thousand of whom died.

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