The US has threatened China with sanctions because of the

Washington intends to impose sanctions against China if its leadership would violate the autonomy of Hong Kong. This was announced by the assistant to the President for national security Robert OBrien the TV channel NBC.

“If it happens, will follow the sanctions in respect of Hong Kong and the PRC. It is hard to imagine that Hong Kong will remain the financial center of Asia in the case of his capture by China”, — said OBrien.

According to the representative of Washington, “China needs the capital of other countries” and can lose it in case of limitation of the autonomy of Hong Kong.

He also said that in case of continuation of Beijing’s repressive policies in respect of its special administrative region, and many people can go abroad.

Another wave of protests in the region erupted after the Deputy Prime Minister of China, Han Zheng said that the Chinese authorities intend to adopt a new bill to strengthen police control over the activities of opposition parties and a ban on “subversive and separatist activities”.

Previously, Beijing came to the conclusion that the legislative Council of Hong Kong could not adopt a law on national security given the political situation in the area. For this reason, a similar initiative was introduced by the all-China Assembly of national representatives (vsnp) to bypass the Hong Kong Parliament.

Since June 2019 in Hong Kong held mass protests, provoked by the consideration of the bill on extradition. In the end, the authorities made concessions, and in early October the document was withdrawn. In just six months in the special administrative region of the PRC held more than 900 demonstrations and marches, detained for almost six thousand people.

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