The witness told how he pulled a historian, dismantler from the Moika river

At the hearing on the case of Oleg Sokolov called the witness who told of the fall of the defendant in the river a day after the murder of Anastasia Yeshchenko. Details from the broadcast of the meeting on 29 June the correspondent of “Rosbalt”.

the Witness was the taxi driver Garik Ayvazyan, who was in the night of 9 November, near the scene of the tragedy and heard from the Sinks screaming for help.

“I turned around and drove up to him, wanted to help, went down, but could not because they can’t pull out,” said a witness.

Ayvazyan called the emergency workers who came together with physicians. Sokolov pulled out of the water, and he managed to explain his fall into the water, despite a state of shock and hypothermia.

“I’m just a couple of questions asked, how you got here. He said he slipped, fell,” said the cabbie.

When a Sokolov found a backpack with a severed hand and an object resembling a weapon. This was confirmed by a police officer, speaking in court as a witness.

we will Remind, ex-teacher of St. Petersburg state University is accused of the murder of PhD student Anastasia Eschenko, with whom he had a romantic relationship. Also the historian was charged with possession of weapons. According to investigators, Sokolov dismembered the girl and tried to drown the body parts in the Sink, but to conceal the traces of crime had failed.

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