as promised… After the publication on January 28, a video Coincidence? Or plagiarism? dedicated to Gad Elmaleh, the chain CopyComic has unveiled a second, Tuesday. Fourteen minutes during which the mysterious Ben reveals what he calls the “gaderies” of the comedian. The first part of the compilation has already saved nearly a million views ; the second approach 200,000 views in a few hours.

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In this new video, Ben intends to disassemble once again the system Gad Elmaleh. And for this he relies on the analysis of the humorist québécois Mike Ward, who believes that the “genius” of the French comic “is that it steals something, but modifies it enough such that after a year we don’t even know it was stolen”.

“If you take the thing in the same way, it is a plagiarism obvious,” explains Ben, whose voice is disguised in the video. But “you can improve it, add details, reverse a little the things, or even the change of time or place,” he adds. The dressing is changed, but the essence is still there.” CopyComic, which is fairt a specialty of tracking down the plagiarism in comedy clubs, baptize this practice of “Gaderie”. And it give a lot of examples, videos. The similarities between the sketch Gad Elmaleh and those of the Unknown, Titof, Dave CHapelle, Martin Little, David C, K are linked together.

The research CopyComic on the subject does not pass unnoticed. “To make people laugh with the humor of others, it is a bit like enjoying with the sex of another,” explained Saturday columnist Yann Moix on the plateau of the Earthlings Saturday! Before adding that “plagiarism, that is the jealousy of most the flight, the impotence more the indignity, the laziness, the more the lie”.

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last week, the Brothel Comedy Club in Montreal, where the artist had already visited, announced that it would no longer wanting to host in a concern for the protection of all the other clubs that occur there. But the controversy did not, however, shake the organizers of the Crystal Globes, which were presented Monday evening an honorary award to Gad Elmaleh for the whole of his career.