Theresa May puts the whole world back: the opposition and its own majority, the european leaders, the british people… And could well have to go into exile, away from civilization, in the Mountains of Mist. A spell that he would well Andy Serkis. The actor, who played the famous Gollum of the Lord of the Rings , has delivered a parody of Theresa May with the voice and the gesture of his former character. The video, titled Leak: sequence filmed at 10 Downing Street! , was published on Sunday 9 December on YouTube, has been viewed over a million times since.

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The creators of the excellent movie of a little over two minutes to defend a second referendum on the exit of the Uk from the european Union, the People’s Vote. In an apartment that could be home to a ministerial Theresa May, the curved back, stroking a thick copy of the agreement of Brexit, as Gollum the Ring of power.

“My precious… We take back the control: money, boundaries, laws, passport blue [for the color of the future identity documents uk, editor’s NOTE]”, bawls the false Theresa May between two déglutitions, the characteristics of the Hobbit damned of the Lord of the Rings .

“No, that will hurt the people and make them poor,’ then comes another voice, more tinny. Theresa May is clearly crossing the same schizophrenia that Gollum, of which a part of the personality has escaped the curse of the ring in Tolkien’s book. A note quickly crushed by the double evil: “But I traded! We want it to be.”

“But they have told us, my precious, they hate the agreement. All the hate! They want a vote of the people,” dare, out of fear, the voice of the benevolent. Provoking a howl of pain from the other: “To hell with the people, we hate them!” In the last images, the first minister murmurs “My Brexit!” and admire jealously of his copy of the agreement…

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The success of the video does not disappoint. By resurrecting his disgusting character, Andy Serkis is overwhelming with a cruel humour as the first minister. A game which had already loaned out the actor, but without staging, to read the tweets of Donald Trump in July 2017.