Top Gear presenter broke an exclusive car for 225 thousand pounds (video)

During the filming of an episode of the British show about cars Top Gear’s presenter paddy McGuinness got into an accident. He broke an exclusive car Lamborghini Diablo 225 thousand pounds, reports The Sun.

According to McGuinness, he went with a speed no more than 55 kilometers per hour, but because of the slippery track after rain car slid off the road, crashed into a wire fence and stopped in a field.

the car was completely off the rear bumper. Shooting the TV after the accident continued. McGuinness had to get behind the wheel of Skoda Octavia.

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Back in the saddle! Get the kettle on. 👍 #topgear #Lamborghini #skoda #buttyvan #wednesday

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Jun 17, 2020 at 3:45am PDT

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