Urgant reprimanded Sobchak, has come in

TV Presenter Ivan Urgant got his colleague Ksenia Sobchak for her appearance. He also caught a journalist on violation of mask and glove mode in a public place.

As we learned from the video and talk presenters, published Sobchak in Instagram, she appeared in “Ostankino” without a mask and gloves.

the footage, which captured how the presenters walking in the hallway of the television station, it is clear that Urgant is a respirator, and Sobchak without protection. At the same time in some point Urgant pay attention to it with the reply: “You yourself took people to at least look like you do without it all.” In response Sobchak has informed that it has already protectionalso on coronavirus. “No, you just gave up already, mother,” added Urgant.

previously Sobchak was Informed that her mother, Senator Lyudmila Narusova, was in the hospital with a diagnosis of “viral pneumonia”, the test for COVID-19 was negative.

Recall that in Moscow on may 12, wearing the mask and gloves is mandatory in public places, in particular, transport and shops.

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