Vacationers in the resorts warned of the serious

allergist Vladimir Bolibok urged Russians rushing in domestic tourism after the weakening of quarantine measures, to be careful on the beach.

He told about a serious “beach” disease — an Allergy to the sun. “The sun causes the sun, or allergic, photodermatitis, photodermatitis and — usual sunburn,” explained the doctor, noting that the photodermatitis may go into a chronic phase.

the Medic in an interview with “Evening Moscow” said that the people exposed to photodermatitis, cease to get a tan — the skin immediately burns up, can be covered with blisters.

Bolibok warned that often the source of intolerance to human sunlight can be a chronic disease, which the patient may not even know. For example, allergic to the sun cause internal parasites worms or a sick stomach.

Doctor before you travel to the resort in advance to prepare the skin to tan in small portions sunlight.

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