Venezuela complained to the United Nations on Bolsonaro because of its neglect of coronavirus

the Venezuelan Government has sent to the UN official message to Secretary General Antonio Guterres, in which he expressed dissatisfaction with the “irresponsible actions” of the President of Brazil Jaira Bolsonaro.

according to the report published by the permanent representative of Venezuela to the UN Samuel Moncada on Twitter, “criminal negligence” Bolsonaro led to the rapid spread of the coronavirus in Latin America that poses a risk to ” millions of residents of Brazil and the whole continent.”

we will Remind, the President of Brazil actively opposed restrictions on trade and services due to the spread of the virus and call it “small flu”. In the country during the pandemic, was replaced by two of the Minister of health because of disagreements with the President on these issues. Currently, the Ministry of health led by General Eduardo Pajuelo sun, not having medical education. While in Brazil infected more than 888 thousand people died 43 959 patients.

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