Venezuela has threatened the US with retaliation

Minister of defense of Venezuela Vladimir Padrino Lopez said about retaliatory measures against Washington, if the ship of the Navy (Navy), the U.S. will again approach the coast at a distance of about 50 kilometers. It is reported by The New York Times.

According to him, the incident can be considered a provocation. “This is an empty victory,” said Lopez. The head of the Department said that any military ships of the USA, which entered the territorial waters of Venezuela will apply the response.

on Tuesday, the U.S. missile destroyer USS Nitze conducted an operation called “Freedom of navigation” on the coast of Venezuela and crossed its border areas. The southern command of the armed forces of the United States denied the statements of Lopez and also said that since the country “trying to control territories that are not part of it.”

Colonel, United States army and a representative of the southern command by Amanda Azubuike explained that the Navy ensures the freedom of navigation.

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