You must always be wary of the water which sleeps. Under its outside taiseux cowboy from Wyoming uncouth, become a technocrat as dull as cafardeux, Dick Cheney was the incarnation of the purest of the hard line of the neo-cons, american.

It is with jubilation communicative that the director of The Big Short , Adam McKay, claimed the character. This gluttony feels to each plan, the early years of the character to its inauguration, as a eminence grise of the George W. Bush, portrayed with great accuracy by Sam Rockwell. The sequences are linked as the parade, showing how the taste for power can cause men to become machiavellian.

Iconoclast and rock’n’roll

Adam McKay has not been able to meet the real Dick Cheney. Regardless, by giving the actor fregoli Batman and American psycho, care to slip into the skin of this politician beaten and discreet, it offers to Christian Bale the role of his life. There is something of L Resistible rise of Arturo Ui of Bertold Brecht in this biopic burlesque, staged iconoclastic, which is as much of the documentary committed way Michael Moore that the series is infamous House of Cards.

Adam McKay has confirmed on numerous occasions, he was inspired by the style of Paolo Sorrentino for his own movie. There is, indeed, a dial tone is irreverent, a european touch of irony, so that one side deeply iconoclastic and rock ‘n roll in Vice . And if the director inspired by Il Divo , had just found a new reason to hope for american cinema…