WDC station

Between the stations of the first Moscow Central diameter “Kuntsevskaya” and “Fili” on June 29 opened a new station “Slavic Boulevard”, which was part of a larger transport hub in the West of Moscow.

on the first day of a new station benefited more than 3.6 million passengers. In the capital diptrans think this is a good result. When in 2019 opened station Volokolamskaya on IDC-2, the first day she took 2 thousand.

With the opening of the station “Slavic Boulevard” is more than 115 thousand residents of the Fili-Davydkovo district received Skytrain in walking distance, but residents of the Moscow region — the opportunity to transfer to a namesake station of Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya branches and Aeroexpress near Belorussky station.

According to the calculations of officials, every day a new transport interchange hub will use more than 150 thousand people.

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