Weekend in St. Petersburg: the amazing beauty of the Leningrad region

While we covered the second wave of the virus, which we are afraid of physicians, you need to have time to enjoy the warm summer days in the fresh air. Already many parks and museums, such as Peterhof, Gatchina, Tsarskoye Selo and Pavlovsk, resumed its work. Today, however, the “Rosbalt” has prepared for you a selection of not very well known but no less beautiful spots in Saint-Petersburg and the region, where you can go for the weekend

the Fortress Korela

Stone Korela fortress in Priozersk stands on the banks of river Vuoksi. This is one of the few Russian buildings, which remained almost unchanged since the eighteenth century and preserved in its history many interesting pages of Russia, Sweden, Lithuania and Finland for possession of these picturesque areas. Today the castle operates as a Museum.

Picturesque views, well-groomed territory, magnificent towers and walls of the fortress, keeping the history in their stones — all this does not leave visitors indifferent.

Estate of Nicholas Roerich in Izvara

Museum-estate — a unique complex of monuments of nature, architecture, history and culture and the first Russian state Museum of the great Russian artist, scientist, traveler, and public figure, Nicholas Roerich. In the complex of the Museum includes preserved the College house of the agricultural colony in modern style with built-in Church in the name of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God.

the Museum holds conferences, holidays, music and poetry evenings, various international peacekeeping actions.

the Natural Park “Vepsian forest”

In the North-West of Russia from the ancient times home to Veps that are descendants of the tribe “ves”. In the country their number does not exceed 6 thousand. In Leningrad region they are located in Podporozhsky district, where the natural Park “Vepsian forest” — one of the most scenics locations in the region. Tourists come here to relax from the bustle of the city and merge with nature, enjoying fishing and picking berries. The locals are ready to help you dive into their life, to try local cuisine and to learn the history of a few unique people.

the Island of Konevets

the Island Konevets lies in the Western part of lake Ladoga. The Konevets monastery has magnificent natural landscapes and rare species of plants and animals. But almost all visitors to the island are celebrating a special beauty and charm of this place, which is primarily in the silence and remoteness of the island from civilization.

Museum-estate “Priyutino”

the Estate, which owned the Reindeer prior to 1841, in the heyday consisted of two manor houses, greenhouses, numerous outbuildings, a landscaped Park on the shore of the pond. In Priyutino, as in Petersburg the houses of venison over the years there have been writers G. R. Derzhavin, A. S. Pushkin, N. M. Karamzin, I. A. Krylov, A. S. Griboedov and many others. Here you can see a variety of exhibits, including personal belongings of the family venison, household items, products of Pushkin’s time, portraits of the guests pirutinsky estates and other materials. The Park restored the building of the Dairy and a smithy on the Bank of the pond.

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