A year after the death of Johnny Hallyday, there are still no projects of great performances, musicals, or even movies official. Absence of an agreement between Laeticia Hallyday, David Hallyday and Laura Smet, nothing specific has been announced by Sébastien Farran, the former manager of a rocker, which is entrusted with the management of the “career posthumous”. “I have nothing validated up to now aside of course from the last album of Johnny Hallyday, My country it is the love , he wrote in Figaro . I have no relationship with the other events mentioned.”

According to the lawyers of the folder Hallyday, person, in fact, does not want to take the risk of signing a contract as long as the war of succession is not settled. No question of being blamed for having paid the money to the wrong person. But there’s worse. According to our information, the wave of projects stamped Johnny Hallyday has taken the short-Sébastien Farran, as well as Laeticia Hallyday, David Hallyday, Laura …

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