A comedian Spanish is recovered before the justice on Monday for blowing your nose in the national flag during a skit on television and said he is “concerned” about the fact that “it takes a clown in front of the judge”. “As a citizen of this country, I’m worried because they bring a clown in front of the judge for doing his job. And that worries me for the image that this gives to my country and my flag,” said Dani Mateo to the press out of the hearing. A court in madrid has ruled admissible a complaint against the comedian filed by Alternativa Sindical de Policía. This union of police officers, which does not hide its affinity with the extreme right, and the franco regime, denounced “the insult to Spain and its symbols”.

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In this sketch, aired in a programme on prime on the chain and The Sexta at the end of October, Dani Mateo éternuait and mouchait then in the Spanish flag before you get confused, ironically, in the apology, pretending not to have wanted to “offend the Spaniards, the king or the Chinese who sell these tea towels”. “The flag symbolises the union of a people. Respect it. Do not do this is not humor, it is offend for free those who are proud and those who have given their lives and their efforts for the values of peace and freedom that it stands for”, had denounced the civil guard on Twitter after the sketch.

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many internet users or by Spanish artists have been prosecuted recently for their statements or the texts of their songs, which has generated a lively debate on the freedom of expression in the country. The rapper Valtonyc had fled Belgium at the end of may to avoid a penalty of from three and a half years in prison for “apology of terrorism” in his texts. Spain calls for his extradition.