Since the closure of the museum of the wine Cellar near Nantes at the end of 2016, the collection of Louis de Funès was stowed in boxes kept by his family. After thinking of Nantes and Nice, his granddaughter Julia de Funès was heard with Frédéric Masquelier, mayor of Saint-Raphaël (LR). “I met her in September 2018 at one of our conferences dedicated to the philosophy and she told me to look for a place in the memory of his grand-father,” says the elected official. Saint-Raphaël had the sense, Louis de Funès has turned scenes from the Corniaud and we are close to Saint-Tropez, the town Constable.”

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Installed in front of the station at the heart of the city centre of Saint-Raphaël, the museum (*) will open its doors on the 31 July, the day of the anniversary of the actor. For the time, the place is under construction but the choice of topics and scenography signed by Clémentine Deroudille and Christian Marti are promising. “I wanted a …

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