Pierre Richard now belongs to a very closed circle. With Charles de Gaulle, Bernard Pivot, Michel Drucker, Jean-Paul Gaultier and most recently, Julien Clerc, the actor was one of the rare personalities to have not one, but two wax statues at the Grevin museum.

Pierre Richard was entered for the first time in February 1981, sculpted by Daniel Druet. In November 2017, the museum chose to order a new wax statue of the hero of tall Blond with a black shoe , which opened on Monday 19 November. The face of the actor 84 has been sculpted by the artist Eric Saint Chaffray. He will be dressed in a black suit, a shirt collar, Mao white and basketball, but may not be of the same color… a Nod to the character of fancy of the violinist spy, François Perrin.

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Pierre Richard was born on 16 August 1934 in Valenciennes, he spent his childhood and part of his adolescence in the family castle of la Rougeville, Saint-Saulve, near Valenciennes, where he is a student at the lycée Henri – Wallon, and then a boarder at the institution Notre-Dame. It dries classes regularly to go to the cinema. And this is the talent of american actor Danny Kayes in A fool goes to war that soon he will reveal his vocation.

While Pierre, Richard, joined his mother in Paris in 1953, he decided to take drama classes at school Charles Dullin. To please his family, who wishes to see it exert a true tradesman, he studied physiotherapy without abandoning the world of the show.

A formidable duo with Victor Lanoux

In 1958, his talents are noticed in a comedy series great Team . 1961 mark his debut at the theatre and its many benefits in the cabarets of the left bank of the capital, where it plays skits co-authored with his accomplice of the times Victor Lanoux. They will at this occasion, the first parts of Georges Brassens at Bobino, in September and October of 1963.

and Then this will be the biggest movie debut in 1968 in Alexander the Blessed by Yves Robert. In 1970, Pierre Richard is recognized as a burlesque comedy and poetic, and directed his first film The Distracted . Then come thick and fast, while other notable achievements such as The troubles of Alfred and I don’t know anything but I will say everything .

In 1972, Pierre Richard then find Yves Robert, for the cultissimes The tall Blond with one black shoe ” then the Return of The tall Blond . In 1976, under the direction of Francis Veber, he runs “The Toy” with Michel Bouquet. Then in the 1980’s The Goat, Accomplices and Fugitives, , where Pierre Richard co-starred with Gérard Depardieu. In February 2006, the actor received a Cesar honorary award for his entire career. A reward well-deserved for an actor gifted.

the secrets of The double wax Pierre Richard