The rapper English Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, alias 21 Savage, detained by the american police since Sunday on the grounds that he lives illégallement in the United States can now count on the support of Jay-Z. The interpreter of the famous tube New York asked the lawyer, Alex Spiro, who has represented several times, looking into the case of the young rapper.

” READ ALSO – rapper 21 Savage, threatened with deportation to the United States, is British according to his lawyers.

Alex Spiro, confirmed Thursday to the AFP have taken over, at the request of Jay-Z, folder 21 Savage, rising star of the rap. It appears this year among the nominees of the Grammy Awards in the categories of best album and best song, which will take place this Sunday in Los Angeles.

Since his arrest for a visa that is not renewed, the rapper who resides in Atlanta risk expulsion. He is currently being held in a federal center of Georgia. Following these accusations, its defenders have confirmed that it was British and undocumented migrants since the expiration of his residence permit in 2006, he was then 12 years old. Today the father of three children, he finds himself in the delicate situation of a “Dreamer” as the approximately 1.8 million young people who arrive in the United States children but who remain undocumented adults.

“The arrest and detention of a 21 Savage are a farce, total his / her visa application is pending since four years. The artist is not only a musician who knows the success with his records, but he also deserves to be able to find immediately his children,” wrote Jay-Z on his page Facebook.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the youngest elected to the u.s. Congress, has also come to the defence of 21 Savage. In a tweet, the young woman has highlighted a potential link between the arrest of the rapper and his performance in The Tonight Show . A guest in the famous show of Jimmy Fallon, the artist had interpreted his song A Lot , in which he added new texts that address immigration. The democratic party has relayed the lyrics with a link to an article detailing the arrest of 21 Savage, last Sunday. “The gas off, so we had to boil the water / I’ve been through some things so I can’t imagine my children to be stuck at the border.”

Cardi B, it, rose up to the arrest of his friend and said “want to fight for it to remain on the territory of the united states”. His arrest has placed the young rapper in the war in the rap US. Chris Brown’s ex Rihanna, recently accused of rape, has published a even – element that is repeated and reflected in mass on the Internet – mocking the situation of 21 Savage. One of the friends of the latter, Offset, answered him: “Not funny, moron.” It is then that the interpreter of Kiss Kiss responded with violence, not hesitating to re-enable the old dispute, which exists between them.

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#ChrisBrown wants ALL the smoke with #Offset for coming at him for posting a #21Savage same.

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