Their last appointment with the French public, it was the godillots in the dust and under a scorching sun during the festival season. It is in a frame a little more policed – but in a mood, one imagines, just as high – as will happen this may 28, the legends of grunge american, Alice in Chains, which give the night of their first Olympia.

Although originating in the town nicknamed “the Rainy City”, these four are not born the last rain. The elbow-to-elbow with Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, they formed ceu x that it has appointed the “Big Four” of Seattle, the four groups who have given their letters of nobility to the grunge movement in the 1990s.

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It was in 1987, Alice in Chains sees the light of day, only a few months of the time when Kurt Cobain and his friends plug in their amps. As soon as the first clips of the quartet, broadcast in a loop on MTV, the public discovered with excitement that was to become the essence of the rock of those years. Images, psychedelic, nasal voice, riffs saturated and lyrics disenchanted…

A style of music that the bass player from Nirvana, Krist Novoselic, will sum up later in these words: “something like grime accumulated on a shower curtain”. In the video of Man in the Box , single that propels Alice in Chains to success, grimy, hair, are, surely, just as much as the riffs and the lyrics éructées by the charismatic leader, Layne Staley.

clip Hand-in-box

This last did not accept yet the term grunge, preferring that of heavy metal or hard rock. It must be said that there is so much Pearl Jam at the “AIC” that Black Sabbath, Metallica or Led Zeppelin. It was in 1992 with their third album, the aptly named Dirt (dirt in English, it is always returned!) Alice in Chains accesses to the world-renowned. Layne Staley is narrated by the menu in the throes of heroin addiction – which will eventually kill him ten years later.

In Paris, the Americans will defend their last album, Rainier Fog , published in August 2018 and registered in their city of origin, neglected for twenty years. In the clip of the title track, we find the group almost unchanged, if it is not the presence of the new frontman, William DuVall. The hair is always long and shirts are always plaid, the riffs always effective and heavy. And the fans of the genre will bouderont not fun during the first part, provided by their excellent compatriots of the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

The title Rainier Frog

Alice in Chains”, Olympia 28 bd des Capucines (IXe). Tel .: 08 92 68 33 68. Date : on 28 may to 20 h.
Places to : of 51 to 67.50 €.