Analyst: Proposal of a progressive tax is a political

the Proposal to raise personal income tax “for the rich” is not caused by socio-economic reasons, but political, said political analyst Maksim Zharov. As stated by the expert to the correspondent of “Rosbalt”, the initiative can be part of the attack on the government of Michael mishustina.3

“to Introduce such a tax in the middle of the year? So not usually done. New taxes, especially such as the increase in personal income tax for those in higher income strata of the population, introduced at the end of the year, so from next year this tax is earned in full force. If you enter now, the tax collection will not be greatly increased and the economic effect will be small,” — says Maxim Zharov.

promoting the idea of a progressive tax has positions of Prime Minister, the analyst believes. “As you know, Mikhail Mishustin with the approval of the Prime Minister in the Duma responded negatively to the question about the possible introduction of this tax. So now this topic came back to somehow put pressure on the Prime Minister and, perhaps, to limit its maneuver within the government. It is known that Mishustin now actively “insiders”. Or picked up the same theme to create a conflict field and then to initiate early elections in the state Duma. Since we do not have many ways to send the state Duma early in retirement, then one option is a hard conflict with the government. Now creates a field to this conflict flared up and by its results it was decided to be early elections or not to be” — not ruled out yet.

the Expert drew attention to the unusual “harmony series” those who advocated a progressive tax. “We see that in this campaign involved not only the “United Russia”, but all of the Duma factions confirmed their agreement with the need for such a tax. I think that we are talking about an organized attack. And who is attacking the President’s administration or leadership of the state Duma — you can understand the next steps in this campaign,” said Maxim Zharov.

Recall that in Russia now operates the flat rate personal income tax of 13%, but Forbes wrote that the possibility of introducing a progressive tax rate. Among the possible options — increasing the personal income tax rate from 13% to 15% for wealthy individuals whose annual income exceeds 2-3 million rubles.

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