LE FIGARO. – After seven years, do you take always a lot of fun to animate Friday, everything is permitted ?

Arthur. – It is always very nice to orchestrate a program of fun and funny regardless of the means. With a ping-pong ball or on board of a fighter plane, you get to create events hilarious. I find this time the same enthusiasm as the Children of the tv. At the time, it was like sitting on the red couch of Michel Drucker. Friday, everything is permitted is not a television classic it’s a show. The artists are in an arena in front of 400 people. For one of the least known of them, the show has been a springboard for their careers and has allowed them an audience that they maybe didn’t before.

Recently, you inaugurated the scenery in 360 degrees. A technical feat…

there is nowhere else in Europe. Chris Marks, to which I entrusted to the controllers of VTEP the time of a special, he asked me to lend him for Dancing with the …

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