on Tuesday night, a man, stuck S, opened fire around to 20h in the centre of the city of Strasbourg, which hosts the Christmas market. Three people were killed and thirteen injured. Eva Kleinitz directs the national Opera of the Rhine, a few hundred yards of the place of the attack. She said: “The Barkouf of Offenbach was given yesterday evening. The spectators were able to during the show that there was an attack, by the social networks.”

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“At the intermission, we asked the spectators not to leave the premises,” continues the director, still uneasy. “There were 800 listeners in the room, and 120 people from the orchestra and the choir. It was impressive to handle such a crowd. But people have been admirably calm”, she says. Only a handful of them sought to leave during the intermission, worried for a friend or a member of their family, before reason.

“The show has resumed after a long intermission. The question was not asked to stop the performance. Our first goal was to keep it safe for the public,” says Eva Kleinitz. “But, it was a special experience. As much as the show, the story of a dog who becomes governor, wants to be comical and absurd,” explained back in his hotel room, the conductor Jacques Lacombe, in Radio Canada . “The musicians remained perfectly focused, welcomes Eva Kleinitz. People have still managed to laugh.”

A quarter of an hour before the end of the show, the teams in the RAID have invested the opera. “After having kept it confined to the public the time to secure the area, he was able to leave the scene, small group by small group, tells the story of Melanie Aron, the director of communication of the Opera. With the help of the reception staff. Snipers were stationed on the roof.” Because the city centre was blocked and the public transport, taxis have graciously extended some of them to their home. On social networks, the audience were keen to praise the staff and the musicians.

“Workshops, workshops, everything is canceled today”, explains the director of the Opera of the Rhine. “We have also a repetition of the Swan Lake . It is not yet known if all the teams can reach the opera,” says Bruno Bouché, artistic director of the ballets of the Opera.

“The actors have asked not to be applauded at the end of the room”

Jean-jacques Monier, technical director of the Theatre National de Strasbourg

At the Théâtre National de Strasbourg (TNS), 200 metres from the opera, “the actors were asked not to be applauded at the end of the piece Thyeste , directed by Thomas Jolly, says Jean-Jacques Monier, technical director. We had warned during the performance, behind-the-scenes”.

“Without that 500 people in the room do not realize anything, we’ve confined the theatre with the security measures,” he continues. At the time of the black final, I said a few words to prevent the situation.” They were then obliged to applaud the troupe, which is finally coming to greet him.

“To 23h, pending the orders of the prefecture, the actors mingled with the audience. There was a true exchange, completely spontaneous”, said Jean-Jacques Monier. The night was still far from being over for the staff. “Until 3 o’clock in the morning, we welcomed people who could not return home so they can stay warm. Some are even returned after not having been able to return home”.

“Strasbourg my love,”

For his part, Matt Pokora, the singer, 33-year-old native of Strasbourg, has confessed to being “shocked and saddened by what has happened”. On social networks, the hashtag #StrasbourgMonAmour, in reference to the work of Marguerite Duras Hiroshima My Love , accompanied by thousands of messages outraged and saddened.

Christine and The Queens, aka Chris, has given up to occur this Wednesday, December 12, at the Zenith of Strasbourg. “We are of any heart with you”, tweeted the singer, who will be in Lyon on 14 December.

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