Nearly five years, the French public was waiting for his return. After the runaway success of That is what we did to God? , the family Verneuil returns to the big screen in its sequel, what is it again God? A new comedy that could break the records of popularity established in 2014. Out to the cinema last Wednesday, this second phase has collected 1.85 million viewers until Sunday, or 58% of the market share. Results significantly better than those of the first film, which had then 1.15 million entries to the end of its first weekend. These figures place the new movie from Philippe de Chauveron with the thirty-sixth place in the ranking of the best starts of all-time box-office French.

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A comedy that divides our experts in the clash culture. Jean-Christophe Buisson sees “a mechanism substantially identical” in this new opus, which has fun pictures that blend together and make this comedy film “very entertaining.” what is it again God? will work “very well”, he predicts, because “the people would like to relax before a film that says that in fact France is a beautiful democratic country […], it is all the time in the process of complaining and that it was a little bit wrong”. A comedy, “rare”, “that speaks to the whole of France”.

“It is true that at this degree of failure, it really is a ufo!”. Gregory Leménager is an opinion totally opposite. For him, the film by Philippe de Chauveron sees that “the dialogues a wrong part of a boulevard from the beginning to the end, which are badly played”, and that nothing saves, not even Christian clavier and Chantal Lauby. The achievement, “a heavy terrible”, is based according to him on an avalanche of gags of which “not a single one is funny”. “The idea behind this film is: is it possible to laugh at everything?” lance Bush. According to Gregory Leménager, for fun-shots like this comedy, “there must be a minimum of finesse” that he has not found in his writing.

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The first film, That is what we did to God? had managed to register, with over 12 million entries, the top 20 of the ranking of the biggest successes of French cinema. Remains to his successor to see if the magic happens again this time on the long-term. For its part, the developer is considering a third production around the family Verneuil.