A cop, a poet, a lover, a killer, a thief with a big heart and the daughter of a minister. Such is the strange bestiary that consists of Azor . If this musical comedy, typically French borrows its name from the dog of the main protagonist, this is only for better to caricature the master… and his mistresses. Because it is love that serves as the backdrop to this delightful musical comedy police, as only the period between the two wars knew how to do it.

Oscillating between jazz, just arrived in Paris, the world of journals and of the operetta light it eyeing, this partition created in 1932, at the Bouffes Parisiens is the work of Gaston Gabaroche. A composer now forgotten, but emblematic of the Paris of the roaring twenties where composers spent without the penalty of the church organ in the den of singer / songwriters, as singers and instrumentalists were making their first games of the evening in the small theatres of paris, before ending up on the scene of any cabaret to name shameful.

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It is therefore with enthusiasm that the stage director Stephan Druet and the pianist Emmanuel Bex will work to make this work, of which the resurrection for the celebration of the end of the year reflected the renewed interest of our country to these forgotten treasures of the opera buffa (comic opera or musical comedy. An excitement that owes as much to the music syncopated and eclectic Bordeaux Gabaroche that in the booklet of the master of the genre, Albert Willemetz.

a prolific Composer, having provided a handful of songs for Maurice Chevalier, Josephine Baker or Mistinguett, the director of the Bouffes Parisiens is mainly at the origin of the revival, in the years 1930, operetta and modern, with not less than 50 books, guided by her pen. I bet that Druet, Molière of the best musical show in 2018 for its delicate and sensitive staging of Histoire du soldat at the Pocket Theatre, will pay tribute, as it should be, to his verve as comical as it is poetic. The réorchestrations Emmanuel Bex, which added to the piano Hammond organ and drums, reminiscent of the room in a contemporary universe and a juvenile, near the mind of its creator. This Gabaroche which the commentators pointed out, at the time, the charm of the”childlike awkwardness”.


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