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Balthus is it always the King of The cats , dandy, all purpose, esquiveur, puny, almost shy, 27-year-old as he represents himself in a palette off in 1935? It is rather the painter of the darkness, three years later, that sign Thérèse dreaming ? This table, lecture of bill and impact assessment, is so suggestive of his young daughter to the skirt hiked up a petition in u.s., led by a young woman and soon to be signed by 11.618 people, claimed in December 2017 that it be removed from the walls of the Met.

The museum of New York refused to comply and logically recalled that his mission was to “collect, study, preserve and exhibit works of art of significant importance throughout the ages and cultures”. And see in this table, disturbing by its freeze-frame “a debate”, the freedom of expression of the artist, this new devil of the moral revolution which judge Gauguin, and Egon Schiele, and the own of “the history of art …

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