The IT industry giant IBM has announced the Takeover of software manufacturer Red hat. IBM thus offers US $ 190 per share in cash, and a rating of Red Has a 34 billion U.S. dollars. The two companies informed.

On Friday was the Red hat stock went down in 116,68 dollars from the trade, the premium is almost two-thirds. Previously, the news Agency Bloomberg had reported on the takeover intentions.

“The Acquisition of Red hat is a Game-Changer,” said IBM Boss Ginni Rometty. “IBM is the world’s number One Hybrid Cloud provider.” At the Cloud business, the Software from the manufacturer will be made available on the Internet, and it is not like the purchase software on the computers of the customers.

The Cloud business, although recorded in many IT companies strong growth. However, the profit margins are lower than in the case of the purchase of software. In addition, only the traditional companies do not compete in this field with each other, also originally from other areas of stem-end companies such as, for example, Amazon muscle strong.