after a telephone conversation made between a close relative of the Duke of Boulogne, and Abdel, the manager of Kaaris, there will be “a real fight”. The terrors of the paris Orly airport decided to respond favourably to the proposal (we will not speak of the idea) of Cyril Hanouna’s face on a ring.

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“Kaaris, it is really interested in the fight?”, asked about the friend of Booba, which proposes to organize the event. “Of course”, hastens to meet Abdel. “Wonderful”, concluded the other. The recording of the phone call has been issued on the account Instagram of Booba on Tuesday 8 January.

“Just before the April 20”. This is the date on which the parties agreed. Kaaris will then be left for the Ivory Coast, his country of origin, and on his return, the fasting of ramadan will start, making it difficult to practice sports. The two rappers are muslim.

“We do a 50-50 split on the distribution of the units,” continues the envoy Booba about profits from the fight. And to clarify, it has its honor code: “We don’t want you to steal.” He has also contacted the insurance companies which, according to him, agree to cover the event. “Now I’m going to move forward on the drafting of a contract, and we will do the shuttle,” he continued.

The big mystery remains the location of the confrontation, that do not evoke the interim Booba and Kaaris. Cyril Hanouna, the first to launch publicly the idea of combat, had decreed that the fight would take place in The Defence Arena. But according to our information, it seems unlikely that the largest covered room of Europe agrees to host such an event, which is mainly used to publicise the careers of rappers.

Cyril Hanouna has been stated in the show TPMP of January 7, that the funds may be returned to the Bank of the heart, the association was formed to help the French to “make ends meet”. Without that the animator has been more focused on the functioning of the association.

MMA or boxing?

On Instagram, Kaaris promised a fight “without rules” in MMA, “with or without the arbitrator,” where “all the shots are allowed”. In reality, such a duel is not possible. The MMA, discipline ultraviolente, is prohibited in-competition in france. If the rappers were to find a speaker that stands ready to welcome the stranger as the wanted a time-Kaaris – combat, combat illegal, could not be broadcast on a French channel.

Still doable in a combat of boxing, as an amateur, with helmets. After having received licenses and approval from the local prefecture and that of the French federation of boxing. Even so, they would get it, it is not certain that the rappers are part of the same category. On Instagram, Zongo the Dozo (Kaaris) shows its 2 and a half million followers of its most beautiful movements of boxing.

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Who will attend?

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On January 3, Booba released a fake trailer called Orly 2.0 . With these words to raise the suspense: “They would have been able to dominate the world of rap, but the inevitable came to pass.” Their scuffle in the duty free zone of the airport, île-de-france is erected proudly in fact weapons. It would almost be sorry for the great hours of Tupac and Notorious B. I. G…

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Cyril Hanouna, without a doubt, dimmed by battle rappers, in any case never short of ideas of war, says he is ready on Monday to confront him, too, his enemies in the media world. He will not refuse a duel in the ring with Alain Chabat, Yann Barthes or Joey Starr. “If they want to fight even all three at the same time against me, there is no worry”, he says in a rush provocative that does not seem to suppress the chain where it referee other games.