Sweden doesn’t like that Donald Trump will put the nose in its business. “The rule of law applies to everyone and is exercised by an independent judiciary. This is the case in the United States, and this is obviously the case in Sweden. The political interference in the process is absolutely off limits! Is that clear?” said Carl Bildt, former prime minister of Sweden, on Twitter, after the position of the american president concerning the case of A$AP Rocky.

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The american rapper A$AP Rocky will be tried for violence in Sweden – Watching on Figaro Live

A response scathing, following two tweets from Donald Trump accusing Sweden does not handle the case of a rapper in a fair manner. “Very disappointed with the Swedish Prime minister Stefan Löfven, who has not been able to act. Sweden has dropped our black community american. I’ve looked at the videos of A$AP Rocky, he was followed and harassed by trouble-makers”, wrote the american president in reference to the videos of the assault that occurred on 30 June in Stockholm.

“Give its freedom A$AP Rocky. We do so much for Sweden but it does not seem that this should be reciprocal,” said the president of the United States.

The policies of the scandinavian meet with a single voice,

Carl Bildt is not the only one to have reacted to attacks from Trump. Several political figures of the scandinavian kingdom concerns have been expressed by these statements. “So, what do you have for us Mr. president?” was asked on Twitter the mep from the centre-Fredrick Federley. “This attack Trump is not reasonable. In Sweden, our judicial system is independent of the government, for its part, has responded to the mp of the moderate party Jan Ericson.

Natali Sial, the press attaché of the ministry of the Interior, for its part, attempted to provide a response tempered and educational. “In Sweden, citizens are equal before the law. The White House has been informed. Now, the judicial process will take its course”.

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A$AP Rocky, a 30-year-old, whose real name is Rakim Mayers, is suspected of assault and battery after a fight in the streets of the Swedish capital on June 30. He was arrested and placed in police custody on July 5, the time of the survey.