On 25 may in the capital will reopen on 88 of the multipurpose centers of providing public services. And opens the IFC situated in the most densely populated areas of the capital.

As follows from signed by Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin decree, the applicants will be done by appointment, provides long maintenance intervals. In this case, those services that may be obtained in electronic form in the offline format has will not translate.

both for visitors and employees to the MFC becomes mandatory masono-glove mode. Enter the need for social distance 1.5-2 meters. In cases where this is not possible, between permanent jobs will have special separators. Also recommended to install safety glass in the Windows service, separating visitors from employees.

at the entrance to the IFC will be carried out temperature measurement of applicants, people with high temperature admission will be denied.

in addition, the centers will be equipped with devices for hand disinfection.

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