Sooner or later the art market will eventually catch up with the history of the item For some artists, this may take some time. To be recognized, it must be the work of the galleries, the appetite of collectors and the mobilization of museums. The delay is worst when all the parameters are met. With its reliefs and grooves, playing with the light, Pierre Soulages, 98 years, passed from the black to the light through his exhibition at the Centre Pompidou in 2010. Since then, his paintings, which plafonnaient dimensions to be abnormally low for such a great figure, fly away. He comes to know the consecration, to a lesser extent than Hockney, Thursday evening, in New York.

It is only at the dawn of his 94 years, and on the eve of the opening of his museum in his hometown of Rodez that Soulages was made by the French artist, the most expensive sold at auction with Paint, November 21, 1959, which fetched 4.3 million pounds (5.1 million euros), setting a record in 2013 at Sotheby’s in London. …

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