Monique Barbier-Mueller, this is a tutelary figure of the art which goes out, with his mischief and his franchise is formidable, his strong personality and his simplicity and good-natured. Not a great artistic event in Switzerland without this woman of authority who was hiding his age under his blow-dry blond and her eyes very blue, his coats Issey Miyake, and her heavy necklaces artist, his voice playful and his curiosity inexhaustible child. The rituals lunches collectors from the Beyeler Foundation in Basel, put to the place of honor for J eff Koons, Georg Baselitz or Picasso blue and rose . For the first time, last may, it was not on the week of inauguration of the 58th Venice Biennale, where, until then, its stand had never been prevented from riding in a motoscaffo. She loved the artists, “spirits of others who are always to be found an unexpected solution when space is in play.”

Integrates and passionate

The departure of Tuesday, August 6 at Geneva, …

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