to be fair, his friend, peer and senior, the bad boy british David Bailey, 81 years of age, photographed in black-and-white, equal to himself, without artifice, simply sat on a dais of work, in 1997. It is this portrait, male, and quiet, Peter Lindbergh, man of the black-and-white immortalized in black and white, which he posted on his account Instagram, welcoming the start of”a great great photographer”. This is a picture almost similar to, a photo shoot around an empty table, without a model or photographer, as the official account of Peter Lindbergh announced his death on Tuesday, September 3, at 74 years of age. Likely in his sleep while he was in Dallas, bound for Ibiza.

Lynne Koester, Paris, 1984 . Peter Lindbergh (courtesy Peter Lindbergh, Paris)

“Peter Lindbergh, his smile legendary, his nature so generous, rare, me it seems, in the world of fashion photography is marked by the geniuses tyrannical that were Avedon or Irving Penn, with its ease of polyglot, his humility, his curiosity intact …

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