A love copy : the couple, according to Pennac

Is it possible to fall in love a couple of lovers? Certainly, meets Daniel Pennac which has made the experience, as a child, in the vicinity of the rue Mirepoix, in Bordeaux. This couple in question was composed of the marquis Jean de Bozignac, whose family owned half of the vineyards of the Bordeaux region, and Germaine, the daughter of a poacher who was also in the wine. Or, more accurately, it is the wine that was in him, the evening to the morning. Jean and Germaine lived a little, assuming the love account is for plums – they have crates to sell. Fifty years later, lorgnons, end of nose, Pennac tells and Florence Cestac draw. One day, Bozignac buy a nice Dauphine red. “- Why, asked the little Daniel, so that you never leave your cozy nest? – Exactly, replied the Germaine: love is like the clébards. He must get out from time-to-time, otherwise it will attack the …

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