the movement of The “yellow vests” has gripped France for more than two weeks, with more or less popularity with the population. They have received support from choice Tuesday, with Franck Dubosc. The comedian has posted on Facebook a message to the protesters: “Message to the yellow vests, and all you who suffer. It is necessary that one be with you, we haves. We need to find something. I talk to the buddies.” The actor seems to be looking for a way to mobilize his friends famous to come to their aid.

While some stars are left behind, such as Mathieu Kassovitz, which was replied to with a “yellow jacket” deploring the lack of support of “artists, singers and “people”,” saying that he does not agree with the claims of the protesters, others have decided to take advantage of it.

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This is the case of Cyril Hanouna et Patrick Sébastien. Or Arnaud Ducret who has cancelled a trip on the island of the Meeting last week because of the “yellow vests”. In a video released on Facebook, the actor had, however, asserted his membership of the movement. “I have not been able to come, I knew that morning, we know why… But as for me, I support you in the yellow vests. I am with you. That this is the Dom-Tom, the metropolis, we are all together in the same boat: we are tired of casquer like pigs,” said Ducret.

In another register, the rapper Kaaris has posted on Instagram wearing a yellow jacket, the major into the air, commenting: “Mr. agent, I’ll push the triangle and fluorescent jacket.”

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Mr officer I push the triangle and waistcoat fluo

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