By his creative power, its power of evocation and its related stylized Frank Miller revolutionized the american comic of the 1980s. His Batman : The Dark Knight Returns , released in 1986, starring a hero you get older, and chivalrous, was hailed as one of the major works of the COMIC contemporary.

At 61-years-old, the author of 300 is the distinguished guest of the festival BD Angoulême, which awarded him a tan honor, while celebrating with great pomp the 80-year-old “dark Knight”. First of all, the man seems to slender, almost fragile. It while never compromising his hat, but sports always has this intense look and this fine white beard, which gave him the air of a raptor ready to pounce on its prey. He knows that, even if his work is bloated, people associate it mostly to the character of the man bat. “It bothers me not, says he. Many are those who talk to me now as if it were a literary work. When I …

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