19 tonnes,Thierry Vimal, Le Cherche-Midi, 1 001 p., 25 €. ,

in The previous millennium, I had qualified Thierry Vimal of “revelation” literary.” His novel The Big Eight (1999) had the force of a Trainspotting to the French. And then, two decades later… his life became a ghost train. It has embarked on a roller coaster without end. Part see the fireworks of July 14, 2016 on the beach with girlfriends, her daughter’s Friend, 12 years old, was crushed by a white truck that was traveling on the children, on the edge of the sea. 19 tons is the story with bated breath for the throat, this misfortune unbearable. And, as its title suggests, this is a story without any heaviness.

It is Flap the disaster of Nice. But where Philippe Lançon, who was wounded face in the attack of Charlie Hebdo , was able to rebuild itself thanks to its mere dandyism literary, Thierry Vimal seeks, zero healing, zero-outcome: the death of his daughter is his, his life is over, everything is destroyed and the writing only serves to enhance the beauty of this absence eternal.”O Lord, …

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