Pierre de Lagarde, at the age of 87 years, has just published his Dictionary lovers of heritage (Plon). In 276 words, he tells of his favorite places, but also the epic battles carried out between 1962 and 1992, in his show, “masterpieces in peril”. Program worship, which will even give rise to a popular expression, the issue (and its leader) have to their credit the rescue of 150 monuments.

LE FIGARO.- Do you remember the debut of “masterpieces in peril”?

Pierre de LAGARDE.- initially, I was a radio journalist on France Inter. I started with a story in Normandy on a case of vandalism in a church. Following this, letters came to me from all over France and the directorate has accepted that I treat the more largely of the subject, in a regular show on radio and then on television, in 1964. However, the ORTF was not very supportive of the programme on the heritage, a theme that was considered a little old-fashioned. “Masterpieces in peril” was also relegated in the second part of …

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