The last time we saw direct Kirill Petrenko, it was at the London Proms in early September. If you don’t know it yet, we owe you a warning: this man is dangerous. In fact, it is a drug. At the end of three months, we had our dose of Petrenko. Reason enough to make it to Munich, where he is still the head of the Opera waiting to take the leadership of the Berlin Philharmonic, to hear him lead the Otello of Verdi.

We should not be surprised, and yet every time it is the same feeling of hearing for the first time a work that we know by heart to the place and upside down. The disc except, no one has ever heard in a room in the great partition of Verdi at this degree of accomplishment. His obsession to detail allows him to hear the slightest sound, but his sense of drama prevents this level of precision of turn the x-ray because each musical choice is dictated by the text, the …

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