Nick Vallelonga, one of the authors of the script of Green Book award-winning last week at the Golden Globes, has publicly apologized for a tweet dating back to November 2015. He argued that “muslims of Jersey City were torn at the time of the fall of the towers” after the attacks of September 11, 2001. “I saw it. Probably on the local offices of CBS,” he added in a message of support to Donald Trump, then campaigning for the presidential election. This tweet, deleted, has surfaced on social networks last week, sparking a new controversy.

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“I want to present my apologies. I’ve spent my life trying to bring to the screen this story (that of Green Book , editor’s note), showing how it overcomes its differences to find a common ground,” wrote the writer in a news release issued Thursday.

Green Book tells the story of the pianist’s black Donald Shirley, played by Mahershala Ali, who dared to make a tour in the southern United States that is still governed by racial segregation in 1962, under the protection of a bodyguard of Italian descent, Tony Lip, played by Viggo Mortensen. The story is about so much more Nick Vallelonga Tony Lip is none other than his father. About Mahershala Ali, he is the first actor muslim to win an Oscar.

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“I’m sorry, especially vis-à-vis the glossy and lovable, Mahershala Ali, and all the members of the muslim religion, for the pain I’ve caused,” says Nick Vallelonga, regretting not to have been at the height of his “story about love, tolerance and overcoming barriers”. The writer has deleted his Twitter account after the resurgence in the social networks of his message was controversial, which date of November 2015.

Peter Farrelly showed his penis

the Halo of his three victories at the Golden Globes (on five categories where he was nominated), Green Book among the films most likely to come to the next academy awards ceremony. But the production is also more controversial. Before Nick Vallelonga, director Peter Farrelly had also been in turmoil. In articles in The observer and Newsweek in 1998, we learned that the director had the habit of showing off her sex. According to him, to make “pranks”. “It is true. I was an idiot. I’ve done it for decades, and I thought it was funny. The truth is that I’m embarrassed and I want to make myself very small,” said Peter Farrelly in a press release on 9 January.

actress Cameron Diaz had the opportunity to attend one of these “pranks” before the filming of Mary at any price in 1998. She had commented with irony: “When a director shows you his penis the first time you encounter it, you have to recognize his creative genius.”

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The film has been another controversy when the family of the jazzman Don Shirley accused the production of being a “symphony of lies”, in particular on the relationship of the musician with his family and the friendship between the artist and his driver, at the center of the film. A film, ” says its close to Indiewire, that Don Shirley did not want to see realized. The pianist died on April 6, 2013 at the age of 86.