The duo Nakache/Bekhti is back. Nine years after the well-loved All that glitters and the unloved We York, the two “sisters of the heart” are new together on-screen in the comedy-drama I’ll go where thou goest, . After two co-achievements, Géraldine Nakache decides to go it alone. A film that fails to fully convince the critics despite a few strong points.

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“A yo-yo emotional own human relationships well told”

“She knows how to never be afraid of emotions, whatever they may be, and has faith that they will fly because moved by the sincerity of his characters,” raves the magazine, captivated by the emotion that was able to inject Géraldine Nakache in his film. A feeling shared by It, who salutes “a pretty comedy that captures with tenderness and emotion of strong themes such as illness, family and relationships sometimes complex between members of the same family”.

Same goes for The Express : “.I’ll go where thou goest, is a pretty success, with perfect rhythm, where laughter the dispute to tears, yo-yo emotional own human relationships well told”. With a special mention for Patrick Timsit, who embodies the father of the two sisters. Beyond the emotion generated by the film, especially it is the pleasure of seeing the young women on the screen who is the strength of the film, as summed up very well 20 minutes : “The accomplices of All that glitters make the most of their friendship to the city for the transpose to the screen”. “A beautiful film popular endearing but never cutesy, pungent but never cynical, in the image of the duo wit it ( Geraldine Nakache, editor’s note ) form with its ‘sister’ Leïla Bekhti,” says First .

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“A vapidity strings thick”

If the charm of Leïla Bekhti and Géraldine Nakache and the pace of the film have managed to convince a part of the criticism, The World do not let soften. The title of the article gives an idea of its opinion: “With the film I’ll go where thou goest, , the duo Nakache-Bekhti is not a “sparks” – a reference to All that glitters , of course. The journalist complains that the feature-length film scenario “estimate and waited for a messy and relaxed”.

A judgment which does not leave any room for doubt, as that (Obs) which considers “that it is necessary to love very strong her daddy, to be nostalgic of the Star Ac ‘and fan hard-core of the quebec diva to see something other than a vapidity strings thick”. “ I’ll go where thou goest, exhausted by its repetitions and its protagonists in one piece,” concludes Cross. Relentless.