Goal achieved. “”With Edmond , I wanted to make a film popular”, admitted in December that Alexis Michalik in our issue of The main Stage . Even before its release Wednesday, the feature-length film made out of his room to the five Molière, thanks to which the Palace-Royal sold out for the past two years is already a success. The comedy, which recounts the creation tormented of Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand has captured all the prizes at the last festival du film de Sarlat on November 17. Not bad for a first film.

The passage Edmond of the boards on the big screen is a just return of things. Alexis Michalik was originally designed Edmond for the film before having to turn in the room, unable to find the appropriate financing. Of the piece, the film has preserved all the vivacity and charm, as shown in the trailer.

The revelation Thomas Solivérès

Alexis Michalik assembles a perfect distribution. Eager to bring a fresh perspective on his work, the young playwright prodigy, has recruited new key players. His good intuition? Having entrusted the role of a Edmond Rostand a 29-year-old, still smarting from its failures and doubting, Thomas Solivérès ( The Adventures of Spirou and Fantasio ). “Thomas has the age of the role, but is able to express a high degree of maturity. It is also a huge plodder. For the tests, he learned 40 pages of text in fifteen days! Not only that, he was a master of the comma close, but it had potassé his Rostand like crazy”, points out Alexis Michalik, “We have prepared a whole 20 minutes of practice. When he presented himself in front of the producers, the latter which were quite dubious, have immediately said banco”.

to give life To the text of Rostand, Alexis Michalik has chosen Olivier Gourmet for camping, the actor Coquelin, the first Cyrano of History. “By endorsing the role of the “gargantuan” Coquelin, he also had to grab one, so complex and so particular, Cyrano, with, and in particular the death scene where he has to forget he is a comedian to become a man in the face of his condition,” recalls the director-screenwriter has kept for himself the role of Feydeau “bestselling author little sympathetic”. Clémentine Célarié, it, embodies the great Sarah Bernhardt, patron of Rostand.

Edmond is also revealing of the children of the ball. Lucie Boujenah (the niece of the star of the Navel of the world ) portrays Jane, the modest dresser who needs to the last minute to replace the interpreter of Roxanne (Mathilde Seigner who delights in playing the divas). Tom Leeb (son of comedian Michel Leeb) is her suitor, the handsome and a bit vain actor Leo Volny. On stage, a perfect and spirited Christian. Fascinated by “dreams of grandeur” roughed Rostand, Alexis Michalik hopes that his film will touch the audience, those in the room. And those who never go to the theatre”. He is hoping to be able to change your mind.