A Czech couple of”influencers” fitness accused of having desecrated a hindu temple in Bali has had to submit, there are a dozen days, a ritual of purification, the authorities of the indonesian island threatening to expel the tourists little respectful. The scandal was triggered by a video posted on the Internet by the couple. It showed Sabina Dolezalova, who was visiting the temple with his companion Zdenek Slouka, raising her skirt, laughing as he sprayed the bottom with holy water.

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It was the latest in a series of gaffes and embarrassing acts committed by tourists on the island predominantly hindu, whose palm-lined beaches, temples and nightlife attract millions of people each year.

Thursday, the Czech couple, the mine contrite, in traditional garb, drank the holy water, hands clasped to the forehead as a sign of respect in the temple of Beji, Ubud on the “island of the Gods”. A hindu priest conducted the ceremony, in the fumes of incense and the sound of bells. “We are sorry… and we hope nobody will ever such a thing,” said Sabina Dolezalova.

“We will return home,”

This incident is far from an isolated case . At about the same time, an australian tourist, was arrested after he kicked in the air at a motorcyclist for no apparent reason while he was in the district of Kuta on the indonesian island.

The governor of Bali Wayan Koster is determined to ensure this: “If tourists do so in the future, we will resend it just in them,” he threatened. But it does not have a lot of reasons to be optimistic, because Indonesia is more and more visited. Thus, from January to December of 2018, 15.8 million foreign tourists visited Indonesia, an increase of 12.5% compared to the previous year which was already in progress.