In Chechnya, Kadyrov denied the hospitalization, but did not specify where he is

In Chechnya, has denied the rumors about the hospitalization of the head of the Republic Ramzan Kadyrov. His assistant Ahmed Dudaev told TASS that this information is not true.

Earlier in social networks, messengers and the media spread information that the head of Chechnya and of the Minister of health of Chechnya Elkhan Suleymanov and head of the private broadcasting channel “Grozny” Akhmed Dudayev allegedly suspect coronavirus. The Agency “Interfax” citing a source in Moscow’s medical circles, reported that Kadyrov is under medical supervision.

Akhmed Dudayev denied the report and explained that the head of the Ministry of health Suleymanov appeared on local television with a daily report of employment. Dudayev promised that today he will perform. Akhmed Dudayev said that he is in the workplace.

the assistant head of the Chechen Republic did not specify where Kadyrov himself.

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