In Kaliningrad, the administrator of the public told about a night search with the sawing of the door

In Kaliningrad the night police cut the door and ransacked the apartment of the administrator of the public in “Vkontakte”.

according to the man who introduced himself as Anatoly, the publication of “the Rise”, about 10 days ago at two o’clock in the morning unknown began to knock his door demanding to be let for the search. After that, the men outside began to cut with a chainsaw. In the apartment except the master, were his wife and child, who were very scared, “bloom”.

After the door was broken open, at the man, according to him, the man ran in the form of a commando. Then, according to Anatoly “the Rise”, he was beaten and withdrew from the apartment computers and a video camera. Later, he said, it became clear that law enforcement officers found Anatoly administrator of one of the local public, where there was recently published a video insulting the police, and they wanted to find the source video. Anatoly said that he is not the admin of the group, where it was published insult. “According to some witnesses I supposedly should be a video of it all. This lawlessness,” — said the birth rate.

He turned to MIA with a complaint. A source in law enforcement bodies of the region reported to “the New Kaliningrad” that the police came to the enterprise with a search in the framework of the investigated criminal case for the publication of the video in public “a Gesture of Kaliningrad”. According to preliminary data from public pages there were several administrators, including Anatolia.

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