The player, in which the training was struck by lightning, said that he had experienced

the Young goalkeeper of the Moscow club of the professional football League “Banner of Labor” Anton zaborowski, who was in the hospital after a lightning strike, admitted that he doesn’t remember that day.

According to 16-year-old athlete, “all the pain he had not felt”. “I only remember that I went out and woke up in the hospital,” said zaborowski “Match TV”, adding that the first saw doctors.

the Guy said that he learned about what happened from the doctors and the parents later showed him the video.

From a lightning strike of the goalkeeper “burned all the t-shirt, shorts, cleats were broken”. The guy also said that after the incident, all things threw, and the cleats kept home.

lightning Also melted the chain on the neck of a football player: he now has a scar.

Incident Zaborowski took place on 4 July during training sessions. The athlete was lying in intensive care and was put into an artificial coma. After a few days he was discharged.

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